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November 06, 2013

Digitization Assistance

We will soon be offering digitization assistance to the public!

Beginning November 6, people who want to preserve photos and documents digitally can book an hour with a Willennar Genealogy Center employee to learn how to use the genealogy center’s scanners to work on their own preservation projects. The employee will guide the person through the process of digitization and be on hand to assist them as they scan their items.  

Employees can be booked for one-hour slots on Wednesdays at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 1 and 2 p.m. by calling the genealogy center at 925-2414, Ext. 400, or by coming in to the Willennar Genealogy Center during its regular hours. People should bring a flash drive or external hard drive on which to save their scans. 

The staff is excited to get the opportunity to help people digitally preserve their photos and documents. Digitization has been a big focus at Eckhart Public Library, especially as we work on the John Martin Smith collection, and we are thrilled that members of the community can digitally preserve their own treasures here, too! 

People who digitize their own collections will also have the option of donating digital rights to some or all of their items to the Willennar Genealogy Center.

August 23, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Microfilm

The Genealogy Center offers DeKalb County papers, both historic and current papers, on microfilm.  The Center also has numerous records on microfilm including the federal census, 1850-1920; agricultural census 1850-1880; social statistics; DeKalb County Pioneer applications; and some DeKalb County Court records such as marriage applications, guardianship packets, and estate packets.  The Genealogy Center has four microfilm machines for your researching needs.  One of them is a reader only, two can print, and one is a scanner that allows you to edit your selections and print or save. 
Please see a staff member for more information on what records we have and how to use the microfilm machines.     


June 21, 2013

Resource Spotlight: Vertical File


Located along the north wall of the Research Room,  the Vertical File is a treasure trove of information on local history and culture organized by topic.  The Vertical File is maintained by Genealogy Center staff and volunteers who scour local, state, and national sources for additions to each file.  Are you looking for information about the life of William McIntosh?  Check the vertical file on him for Auburn Courier articles from over 100 years ago.  Interested in agricultural development in DeKalb County?  The Eckhart Carriage Company?  DeKalb Township Schools?  Stop in and peruse the Vertical Files!