Are your kids ready for the next installment of their favorite series, or just wanting a picture book to read before bed? The Eckhart Public Library Children’s Department has great new books to meet your needs! Click on any cover to place a hold through Evergreen Indiana!

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Looking for a new book of poetry, a great new cookbook, or another nonfiction title? Our new nonfiction titles may have just what you’re looking for! Click on any cover to place a hold through Evergreen Indiana!

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Picture it: Eckhart Public Library, 2017.

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the series finale of The Golden Girls. Help EPL celebrate the iconic series by demonstrating your knowledge of all things Golden Girls on Tuesday, May 30, from 6-7:30 in the Close Community Room!

Register in teams of up to four friends. The winning team will receive gift baskets including books, chocolate, and gift cards. Refreshments, snacks, and of course, cheesecake will be served.

Register for Golden Girls Trivia Night no later than Monday, May 29, by calling (260) 925-2414 ext. 120 or emailing Registration is free, though there will be a freewill donation benefiting The Friends of the Library. See you there!

A great new set of fiction has hit the Eckhart Public Library shelves! Find books to continue your favorite series or search for a new book to enjoy. Click on any cover to place your hold through Evergreen Indiana today!

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Picture2Picture3Eckhart Public Library and Tri Kappa are teaming up to support Pink Out – events, speakers, and information to raise awareness and answer questions about breast cancer, screenings, and next steps. While the library may not always be at the forefront of your mind during a health issue, we have plenty of materials to help you learn more and kind, friendly staff to help you find what you’re looking for!

Some of the library’s resources require a library card, but even if you don’t have a card, you can still ask questions, read materials in the library, attend programs, and use internet-connected computers. We aren’t medical professionals, but we’re here to help!


books-441866_1920Often, when people think of libraries, they think of books. Eckhart Public Library has many books that have information about breast cancer and many other health issues.

If you’re not sure where to begin looking for a book, speak with a staff member. Library staff members are trained to help you find the information you’re seeking.

If you have a specific book in mind, we can help you find that too. Even if we don’t have a book on our shelves, we are part of the Evergreen Indiana consortium and we can get most books sent quickly and easily to you. We are also a part of the SRCS system, and can also find books through traditional interlibrary loan.

We also offer e-books through OverDrive. These books can be downloaded to your e-reader or other mobile device through the OverDrive app.

But Eckhart Public Library has more than just books…

Help is Available Online!

m_logo_primaryThere are several databases online that offer health information. One of the best is Medline Plus, which is available for free at any computer in the state of Indiana through INSPIRE, Indiana’s Virtual Library. Medline Plus is geared toward patients and their caregivers, and includes information—including videos—on health topics, procedures, surgeries, drugs, and supplements.

No internet access? No problem! Anybody with a library card in good standing or a photo ID can access a library computer.

Visit our website’s “Resources” page to access the library’s resources. Click on “INSPIRE” to find Medline Plus, and much more!

Stress Relief, too!

While getting the right information is likely your top priority when you or somebody you know is diagnosed with cancer, it’s also important to find ways to unwind throughout the process.

Eckhart Public Library has a variety of materials that can help keep your mind off the stress of a cancer diagnosis. In addition to books, there are audiobooks, DVDs, magazines, graphic novels, and more. Library staff members can help you find materials that might work best for your situation and make you feel good.

children-1149671_1920Home delivery through Eckhart Mobile Outreach Service (EMOS) is also available to anybody in the library’s service area (City of Auburn and Union Township) with a significant barrier to coming into the library, even if it’s temporary.

Library programs and events are also a good way to relieve stress. Book clubs, in particular, can be a great resource—and a built-in support group. For more information about library programs, visit



2017 is an interesting year for pop culture anniversaries-popular movies, books, and events are celebrating 10, 50, or even 100 year anniversaries. Join Eckhart Public Library’s Charlie Chat as we explore some of these items. Click on any title or picture to find them within Eckhart Public Library or through Evergreen Indiana!


1957 – The Cat in the Hat

Known as one of the most beloved of Dr. Seuss’ fun books, The Cat in the Hat was first published March 12, 1957. In the book, two children and their pet fish are left alone at home on a dull, rainy day. Soon after the cat in the well-known red and white striped hat comes in and tries to create a fun day with games that could cause a mess. Below are links to books featuring the Cat in the Hat, the movie adaptation, and a short biography on Dr. Seuss.

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1967 – Rosemary’s Baby

Renowned as a classic horror story of the 60’s, Rosemary’s Baby was published March 12, 1967. Rosemary and her husband move into a home with a bizarre past and some strange neighbors, but Rosemary’s suspicions truly arise when she becomes worried that her neighbors and their cult are planning to steal her unborn child. The following year, director Roman Polanski brought the film to the big screen, with Mia Farrow starring as Rosemary.

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1967 – The Graduate

Film classic “The Graduate” hit the big screen 50 years ago! Benjamin Braddock returns home after graduating college, with everyone expecting great things from him. Little does he know that his drama will involve an affair with his parent’s friend Mrs. Robinson, a relationship with the Robinson’s daughter Elaine, and a drawn out battle to get Elaine back. It is often held as a classic 60’s film, with a great soundtrack.



Be sure to check back soon for our next anniversary installment – 1977!

Ready for a movie night with the family or catching up on your favorite show? Eckhart Public Library might have just what you’re looking for! Click on any cover to place a hold through Evergreen Indiana today!

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