Eragon is the first book to the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. The book focuses on 15-year-old farm boy Eragon, who thinks farming is all he’s ever going to be able to do. Until one day when he finds a dragon egg. Later on when the egg hatches he’s paired up with a dragon. As events turn he learns he’s destined to be a dragon rider and to help save many.


This feels like many other popular fantasy titles and while the books get thicker as you go along, the story just keeps getting better. There are dragons here, and not all of them friendly. If you like fantasy and dragons as well as war, give this book a try.

Heather: I started the series years ago, but never finished it. I still haven’t finished it, but I’m halfway there and I’ve got a copy of book three sitting on my shelves at home. One of these days I’ll get around to actually reading the thing.

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Until I started driving a lot more than I used to I didn’t think I could ever get into Audiobooks. This was one of the first series to prove me wrong on that.

In Of Poseidon you meet Emma and her friend Chloe while they’re on vacation in Florida. Suddenly Emma runs right into this gorgeous guy and they both feel sparks.

Emma has a special gift that she isn’t fully aware of and her mom hides a secret from her about who she is.

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Of Triton continues the series and dives deeper into things that while I want to give you details about would spoil the story if I said them now.

The story line keeps you wanting more, but it doesn’t get super crazy or start talking about things that are beyond confusing. They’re just fun to read.

While we might not have book 3 on NIDL, we do have the physical books at the Eckhart Public Library.