Big Hero 6 got a lot of great reviews and at the Eckhart Public Library we had a lot of requests and holds for this item. Until I watched it I didn’t quite understand, but after I saw it I was talking it up too.

This is the story about Hiro and Tadashi Hamada. Tadashi is in college and the older brother to Hiro. Their parents are no longer around and they live with their aunt. Hiro causes nothing but trouble. Both boys are geniuses and it shows. Tadashi puts his brain to good use while Hiro focuses more on showing off. He gets into trouble and Tadashi frequently rescues him. Tadashi is getting a little tired of rescuing his little brother, so he shows him how amazing it can be to put his mind to better use. He takes him to the computer lab where he works and studies for college. He also shows him what his friends are doing.

Go Go Tomago is working on making the fastest bike she can, but it’s also light and can be taken apart easily for tight spaces. Honey Lemon is studying chemical reactions, Fred is the comic book geek mascot for the group, Wasabi is the normal neurotic one, and Tadashi has a medical project. Baymax.

Baymax is a balloon-esque robot who helps you. Medical needs are his specialty. Not just physical though. He also helps with emotional issues once he downloads a database by linking up to Hiro’s computer after tragedy strikes. Hiro goes all out for revenge and does some redesign to Baymax, turning him into the fighter that so many adore. The college group don’t want him to be alone, but they’re a little apprehensive about seeking revenge for what happened to Tadashi because they’re not quite sure it was more than an accident.

The song that most people take away from this movie is the theme, Immortals by Fall Out Boy. It’s got a great beat and for those who had to put up with “Let it go” this was a great relief after a while.

Heather: The best part of the movie, for me, was when Baymax downloaded the mental health information to help Hiro. The way they portrayed the stages of grief and how Baymax refused to give up on Hiro was stunning.

Starting on March 17th, 2016 NIDL (Northeast Indiana Digital Library) will be participating in the Big Library Read. For this read the title is American Sniper.

Big Library Read is a global eBook reading club. What happens is OverDrive gets a specific title and for participating libraries our digital copy gets unlimited access. Instead of one patron reading at a time multiple people can have that title downloaded. They change the genre so it’s not always nonfiction and not always something that draws more toward the 18+ reader base. So if nonfiction isn’t your thing don’t worry. Just wait it out and look for what the next Big Library Read will be.

american sniper

American Sniper is also available in physical format at EPL.


sniper 2

If you want to read the title before it goes to Big Library Read we do have it in our NIDL collection both as eBook and eAudio.

Already read the book? EPL has the DVD in our collection. Looking for a different perspective? Taya Kyle, wife of American sniper Chris Kyle, wrote a book titled American Wife talking about his military service, how they made it through the best-selling book and movie, and life with and without Chris by her side. American Wife is also available as an eBook on NIDL.

Big Library Read runs through the 31st of March, but if the book is in our collection you can always check out the item or place it on hold if it’s already out.

Heather: History and military reads aren’t my particular cup of tea, so I’ll be sitting this round of Big Library Read out, but don’t let that stop you from telling library staff what you love (or hate) about this title or any item. If you enjoy it and want similar items our staff will be happy to help you find something, whether or not it’s a genre we enjoy ourselves.