You’ve never seen a library like this. At least, I don’t think you have. The Unshelved books are collections of the comic strip by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. Bill is a cartoonist, Gene is a librarian, and they’ve been publishing this strip since 2002. And that information comes straight from the website

unshelved 1 unshelved 2

I don’t remember how I came across this comic, but I’m glad I did. Whenever there’s a new strip it makes me laugh. That’s what it’s meant to do! Main character Dewey (doomed from birth, perhaps?) is the Mallville Library Teen Librarian (according to his character description on the website, at least). Tamara is the extremely bubbly Children’s Librarian, and Mel is the manager. Mel deals with all the insanity that Dewey brings her way. She also can’t state an opinion without the opposite happening (“It’s so quiet today.” and suddenly there’s a marching band through the library).

The strip is hilarious and if you like comics give it a try. Or you can visit their website and start at the beginning.

Heather: I do enjoy this strip and I signed up for getting e-mails. On Fridays they have book recommendations. It’s a total blast and the Eckhart Public Library does have some of the books that they’ve recommended over the years. I’ve noticed it just browsing along the shelves or even looking up titles if I’m really curious. They recommend a variety of materials.

bite me

Young, urban vampires. Not Twilight. Sarcasm and romance. Christopher Moore brings it all in this book. Bite Me.

There’s not a ton I can say about this story without giving some really cool things away. What I can say is this book is funny. It was the first of Moore’s work that I read and whenever I think about it I laugh. Vampires and want-to-be vampires (yes, wanting to be vampires) in San Francisco trying to figure things out. The perspective is weird, but it works.

Christopher Moore writes with sarcasm and a lot of hilarious happenings. His stories are dark, but you’ll smile reading them. Give him a try.

Heather: This is one of my favorite stories. I read it years ago and back then I was not the type of person who would laugh out loud in public at a book. This changed that. Without a doubt one of the weirder things I’ve read it’s something that makes me laugh when I think about it. Great for Halloween!

May is Get Caught Reading Month, and we want to see you getting caught reading!

Share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #EPLCaughtReading. And we’ll be sharing pictures of staff and friends getting caught reading all month on Charlie Chat and social media: Facebook (Main, Children’s, Teen, Genealogy), Twitter, and Instagram (Main, Teen).

Look at who has already gotten caught reading!

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When was the last time you read a poem?  When was the last time you wrote a poem?  If the answer is “never” or “poem?” then check out the poetry display on the main floor of the main library.

April is National Poetry Month, founded in 1996 by The Academy of American Poets to celebrate and promote American poetry.  Eckhart Public Library celebrates every year by commemorating poets known and unknown.  Check out our display for a variety of American and international poetry, novels in verse, and books on writing poetry.

There are a number of ways aspiring poets can participate in National Poetry Month at the library.  Comment on this post with your favorite poet or your favorite poem.  Our poets who want to try their hands at brevity can tweet a short, original poem @EckhartPL #poetry.  Additionally, the Teen Library sponsors a poetry contest for middle and high school students every year.  For more information, interested students can click here.


It’s that wonderful time once again, folks! Eckhart Public Library has new movies for December! Click on the image or the title of the movie to be taken to the catalog page for that movie and see if it’s in or even put it on hold. Don’t forget, if you need a 4-digit PIN you can come to the Circulation Desk and add one or change one. We cannot do this over the phone.


Monsters University


Man of Steel


The Croods


The Heat






Wizard of Oz

Heather: Movie time! Are you excited? I know I’m excited! A few of these are on my to watch list. Have you seen any of these? What did you think? After being buried in a novel all November I’m excited to catch up on some movie watching!


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September is Library Card Sign-up Month!

We’re celebrating our love of libraries by encouraging others to get a library card. Anyone who signs up for a library card at Eckhart Public Library in the month of September will receive a coupon for a free book with their new card!

20 Things to Do With a Library Card:

Download eBooks and Audiobooks

Access free Wifi

Check out Museum Passports

Prepare for your big test!
(SAT, ACT, GRE, Praxis, etc)

Have a movie night with some new DVDs

Read in the Library Park

Build your family tree at the Genealogy Center

Read a graphic novel

Use Photoshop

Apply for a college

Visit our PBS Corner

Learn how to plan a garden

Join a Book Club

Check out video games and books at the teen library

Go to LEGO Club

Get ready for the science fair

Check out a Kindle

Read the newspaper

Get technology help

Play Quidditch

…and more!



Trying to remember to return library books on time can be a challenge. We’ve all been there. You toss it in the back of your car, or you lay it on your kitchen counter, and you say: “I’ll take care of that tomorrow” … and tomorrow, and tomorrow. (Fortunately, for those who tend toward tardiness, Eckhart Public Library now accepts payment for fees by credit and debit card.)

In any case, take heart; you’re not nearly as bad as the unknown patron whose book was finally returned last week to a Kentucky library, 150 years overdue.

Other famous library-book hoarders: George Washington (221 years) and Robert Walpole (288 years).