The movie Coraline is based on the book of the same title by Neil Gaiman.

In Coraline you find a girl who has trouble trying to get her parent’s attention. Dad’s always working on something and mom’s too busy doing other things like cooking and cleaning. So Coraline starts to explore the house. She finds a door and despite warning from a feline friend she goes through the door to find another world. Her other mother and other dad.

Suddenly Coraline finds herself fighting to stay with her real family. Her other mother is very pushy in wanting her to stay. She can even pick her own button eyes.

It takes the help of her feline friend, her neighbor boy, and all the brain power Coraline can muster to avoid being trapped in the other world, but will she make it home with her eyes in tact?

Heather: This is a fantastic claymation style movie with dark moments. It’s a great watch for Halloween or if you just want a slight spookfest.