Eragon is the first book to the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. The book focuses on 15-year-old farm boy Eragon, who thinks farming is all he’s ever going to be able to do. Until one day when he finds a dragon egg. Later on when the egg hatches he’s paired up with a dragon. As events turn he learns he’s destined to be a dragon rider and to help save many.


This feels like many other popular fantasy titles and while the books get thicker as you go along, the story just keeps getting better. There are dragons here, and not all of them friendly. If you like fantasy and dragons as well as war, give this book a try.

Heather: I started the series years ago, but never finished it. I still haven’t finished it, but I’m halfway there and I’ve got a copy of book three sitting on my shelves at home. One of these days I’ll get around to actually reading the thing.

This time, rather than highlighting some books, I’m just highlighting the author in general. Mr. King has too many books to choose from. Not that other authors don’t, I just can’t choose.


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Stephen King is best known for his works of horror and psychological thriller/horror. With works such as Cujo, a story about a dog that gets rabies, Under the Dome, a story about a town that gets trapped under a giant dome without prior knowledge that it was going to happen, and It, a story that makes readers rethink what fear really is and how we face our fears (that led the way for the movie that gives us all reason to fear clowns), when you hear the name Stephen King you think horror.

In the mood for a little scare this summer? Check out one of his books from our NIDL collection or stop by the library and pick one up. They’re almost sure to terrify you.

Heather: I didn’t start reading King myself until after a friend let me borrow her copy of On Writing, King’s memoir and book about writing. Before that I’d watched the movie for his book It, but that was about it. Once I read his memoir I wanted to read his work. I think Cujo was my first official King read. I recommend the book, but while I recommend the movie if you really want to watch it, I highly recommend reading the book long before you watch the movie. And if you have a dog, keep an eye on him or her while watching. Mine sat on the couch and watched with me. Only slightly creepy.

The Baudelaire siblings, very close to their parents, find out suddenly that they’re now orphans. Violet, aged 14, is fantastic with gadgets. Klaus, aged 12, is a voracious reader and has wisdom far beyond his years because of such. Sunny, still an infant eating from a bottle, has dangerously sharp teeth and if she doesn’t like you, you’re going to know it.

snicket 1

Starting with book 1, The Bad Beginning the children learn their parents are now dead and they are being carted off to go live with relatives. People they don’t even know. Their only choice is to stick together, now more than ever.

Their first relative is Count Olaf. A member of a theatre troupe and nothing but nasty. One night the kids are assigned to make dinner for the troupe and when the troupe gets back Olaf is demanding roast beef. When the children remind him he never requested it to begin with he strikes Kalus. Olaf is only after the Baudelaire fortune.

There’s mayhem, a theater play, and so much more happening in this book that it keeps your attention. And you want to know what happens next when the kids get away from nasty Count Olaf. Let’s go to The Reptile Room, shall we? Uncle Monty is waiting.

snicket 2

In The Reptile Room the kids are sent to live with distant relative Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, herpetologist. He’s a very friendly man who treats the kids with kindness and love. And the kids are fascinated with the snakes! But soon enough… Things aren’t so good. There’s a new assistant in the picture, Stephano. Count Olaf is back!

I’d love to tell you more about this book and the series as a whole, but it’s best if you read for yourself. The best part? It’s going to be a Netflix original series. Why not give it a read? All 13 books are available on NIDL in eBook format.

Heather: I fell in love with this series years ago before they were all published. The occasions I would get to go to the bookstore with my parents I might be able to get one or two books as a child and I’d be reading in the back of the car, at night, no light, and get through a fair portion of the book before we got home. It’s touching, it’s sweet, it’s painful, and you feel for the kids. You want to adopt them. Protect them. At least, I did. I can’t wait for the series and I will likely be rereading the books very soon.

bite me

Young, urban vampires. Not Twilight. Sarcasm and romance. Christopher Moore brings it all in this book. Bite Me.

There’s not a ton I can say about this story without giving some really cool things away. What I can say is this book is funny. It was the first of Moore’s work that I read and whenever I think about it I laugh. Vampires and want-to-be vampires (yes, wanting to be vampires) in San Francisco trying to figure things out. The perspective is weird, but it works.

Christopher Moore writes with sarcasm and a lot of hilarious happenings. His stories are dark, but you’ll smile reading them. Give him a try.

Heather: This is one of my favorite stories. I read it years ago and back then I was not the type of person who would laugh out loud in public at a book. This changed that. Without a doubt one of the weirder things I’ve read it’s something that makes me laugh when I think about it. Great for Halloween!

Does anyone remember that movie Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe where he wakes up in a drunken stupor trying to forget that the love of his life is dead and the whole town blames him? Or the post I wrote about the book before the movie came out? I’m back on a Joe Hill kick, especially with his new book The Fireman being out.

heart shaped

Let’s go back a few years to one of his earlier books, Heart-Shaped Box.

Meet Judas Coyne. He’s a collector of the macabre with things like a cookbook for cannibals, a used hangman’s noose, and a snuff film in his collection the aging death-metal rock legend is always looking for more. One day while on a bidding site he sees something that he can’t buy fast enough. Someone selling a suit that belonged to her step-father. Nothing unusual there, except his ghost is attached to it. After constantly battling his own ghosts Judas isn’t the least bit afraid to invite one into his home. But then the ghost is everywhere. Behind doors, on the T.V., in Jude’s car, outside the window… All the time with a razor blade dangling by a chain from his wrist.

This is just one of the stories Joe Hill has worked on. He’s also done graphic novels, edited and compiled short story collections, and written with other authors (like Stephen King).

Can’t find what you’re looking for on NIDL? Towards the bottom of your results there should be a button that says something along the lines of “Add titles you can recommend”. When you click on that you’ll get a list of related results that you can request for the collection. If it’s something you truly want make sure you place a hold on the item. If you have trouble with this or anything on NIDL stop by and see us. We’ll be glad to help you out. Looking for a little more in-depth help? Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our Technology Tutors. We’re happy to help you.

Heather: I’m not even entirely sure how I got started reading Joe Hill anymore. Maybe it was the buzz around Horns when the movie was in production? Or reading something by him and Stephen King? I don’t remember. All I know now is that I love his work and I’m excited whenever a new book comes out.


The last book to the Divergent series, the movie was released in March and is coming to DVD in July!

Unfamiliar with the series?

Starting with Divergent you meet Beatrice Prior, age 16. On a chosen day each year every 16 year old goes in for a test, but it’s not a normal test like we hear of in schools. This test helps you find out what faction you belong in. Forever. Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Later on the teenagers must decide what faction they will spend the rest of their lives in. For Beatrice the choice is unclear. Her test doesn’t give her a definite answer. She’s special. She’s a Divergent. The person administering her test turns off the equipment and tells her she cannot let anyone know what she is.

Instead of staying in the faction her parents are in and where she was raised, Beatrice (Tris) goes with one completely opposite and finds out more than she ever thought she would.

With each book you find out more and more about the world Tris lives in and just how hard she has to fight to survive and what evils she hopes to change. Want to read it before you watch it? Allegiant is available both as eBook and Audiobook on NIDL.

Heather: I’m still way behind in this series. I enjoyed book 1 and I saw the movie, but I haven’t read book 2 so I haven’t watched the movie for Insurgent yet. I might just cave and watch Insurgent before reading the book. Thoughts? Something you’d like to see? Stop on by and give us some recommendations or suggest things in the comments.

banks 1

Until I started driving a lot more than I used to I didn’t think I could ever get into Audiobooks. This was one of the first series to prove me wrong on that.

In Of Poseidon you meet Emma and her friend Chloe while they’re on vacation in Florida. Suddenly Emma runs right into this gorgeous guy and they both feel sparks.

Emma has a special gift that she isn’t fully aware of and her mom hides a secret from her about who she is.

banks 2

Of Triton continues the series and dives deeper into things that while I want to give you details about would spoil the story if I said them now.

The story line keeps you wanting more, but it doesn’t get super crazy or start talking about things that are beyond confusing. They’re just fun to read.

While we might not have book 3 on NIDL, we do have the physical books at the Eckhart Public Library.

ree drummond

Ree Drummond (better known as The Pioneer Woman) is well-known for her cooking show and books, but something she’s not as well-known for involves the dog, Charlie.

ree charlie

That’s right, Ree Drummond not only cooks, but she writes Children’s books too!

On NIDL you can find some of the cookbooks as eBooks and some Charlie the Ranch Dog books in Audio format.

For those wondering, the Eckhart Public Library does have her cookbooks in the collection if you prefer physical cookbooks to digital ones.

Heather: I learned about the Pioneer Woman through my mother who is always looking for a new recipe to try. Sometimes the recipes Ree shows aren’t what we’re into, but she does have some great recipes and she shares amazing tips not only on cooking and baking, but on family life and homeschooling her kids.


Bill Watterson is still a legend among many cartoonists for his Calvin and Hobbes strips. A little boy and his stuffed tiger who isn’t stuffed whenever it’s just the two of them. Across from Calvin was little Susie, the girl most everyone wanted Calvin to end up with (except Calvin). When the strip ended many readers were left pondering what happened when Calvin got older.

Calvin by Martine Leavitt plays with a similar question.

Calvin is 17-years-old and believes his fate is connected to that of the character by the same name in Calvin and Hobbes. Because of his name, Calvin’s grandfather got him a stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Calvin hasn’t thought about it for a while, but suddenly Hobbes is back. Calvin tries to hide it and then he tries to tell his parents who take him to a doctor and he’s told some pretty Earth-shattering news. He’s schizophrenic.

Calvin doesn’t want to believe there’s something wrong with him and thinks it’s all a connection to the character from Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson so he hatches a plan.

Get Mr. Watterson to write one final strip of Calvin showing him as a normal teenager living a normal life. If there’s a strip written on it then maybe, just maybe, Calvin will be able to live a normal life.

Susie doesn’t like this plan. She doesn’t want Calvin to take the risk required because it involves crossing over a frozen Lake Erie. Since Susie can’t talk him out of it, she’s going with him.

Will they make it to Mr. Watterson and get him to write a final strip? Will they survive trying to get there at all? Will Hobbes ever leave Calvin alone?

You’ll have to read it to believe it.

Heather: While I wasn’t around for the beginning and didn’t start reading the strips until after they’d ended they played a large part in helping me find my love of comics and graphic novels.

For those wondering, per Schizophrenia is “a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features: emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation,disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.” and per a quick Google search resulting an answer from in 2014 schizophrenia was “estimated to affect 1.1 percent of the population or approximately 2.6 million adults in the United States aged 18 or older.”

The Eckhart Public Library does have resources on Schizophrenia and other mental health disorders for anyone curious.

R.J. Palacio has captivated many people with Wonder, the story of Auggie (August) Pullman, a 10-year-old with facial abnormalities and his journey from being home schooled to going into private school and how he struggles to be seen as just a normal student.


What some might not know is that there are other stories involved, just like in life. Many readers of Wonder have heard of 365 Days of Wonder which gives more insight into Mr. Browne and some of the students and their conversations.

365 days wonder

One of the things that’s interesting to see are the three featured below. The Julian Chapter where you get the bully’s perspective and find out why he’s so mean to Auggie, Pluto where you meet Auggie’s friend Christopher and learn about life before Auggie goes to private school, and Shingaling where you see things from the perspective of Auggie’s welcome buddy Charlotte.

julian pluto shingaling

If you’re wanting to read them, but maybe not through NIDL the Eckhart Public Library does have these in physical format. The Julian Chapter, Pluto, and Shingaling are compiled in Auggie & Me.

Heather: Multiple staff members recommended the title of Wonder to be featured. Thanks go to Lisa, Beth, and Jenny for this great recommendation! Have a title or author you’d like to see recommended that’s in the NIDL collection? Let me know and I’ll do my best to get it shared.