We’ve got great new e-books and audio book titles that are available through Overdrive! Download the app through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, enter in your library card information, and start downloading titles straight to your mobile device!


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Eckhart Public Library patrons can now check out the latest issues of some of their favorite magazines without having to leave their homes. Eckhart Public Library, through the Northeast Indiana Digital Library (NIDL) , is offering a year-long trial of digital magazines available for patrons to check out.


Some of our titles include:

Food Network Magazine

Good Housekeeping

Taste of Home

Do it Yourself


and Car and Driver.

Curious about what other magazines are available? From NIDL click on the advanced search link (under the search box) and under format select Nook Periodicals, then click search at the bottom of the page.

Let staff members know what you think of this new service and how it works out for you.  Having trouble? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Don’t forget that we still offer our free, one-on-one Technology Tutoring if you have further questions.

Heather: I’m really excited about these magazines and can’t wait to hear what you think! I know I’m hoping to find some interesting articles and recipes for the holiday season.

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September 18th is Read an eBook Day. Throughout the day people and libraries from all over the world will be celebrating together using the hashtag #eBookLove.

The Eckhart Public Library is excited to be participating and we’ll be posting on our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we’d love to hear from you! Use the hashtag #eBookLove and join in the conversation. You never know if you’re going to find your next great read.

Eckhart Public Library is one of the libraries in the NIDL (Northeast Indiana Digital Library) Consortium. (For a full list of libraries in the NIDL Consortium click here.) The libraries in NIDL work together to choose items for our patrons based on reviews, what we hear at our libraries from patrons, and recommendations sent to us through the NIDL website.

Want to know more about Read an eBook Day? Visit http://readanebookday.com/ to learn information, share your eBook story, and read stories from other readers. Don’t forget, eBooks aren’t just books, this includes eAudiobooks! The Read an eBook Day website also has lists of recommended items based on genre, so if you’re looking for a new book to read it’s a great resource.

Wanting to get started with eBooks, but not sure how? Have questions, but not sure where to find the answers? The Eckhart Public Library offers free one-on-one Technology Tutoring where a staff member can sit with you for up to an hour at a time and help you learn your device(s), how to download items from our collection, and answer any questions that we can that you have about eBooks, devices, and other technology related questions. You can make an appointment in person at the Information Desk or you can call us and make an appointment over the phone. Contact us. We can answer some questions over the phone or in person, but the bigger the question, the more likely a Technology Tutoring appointment will help. We have brochures with some information (ask a Circulation Staff member for these), and OverDrive (The company NIDL purchases items through that gives us help when we get stuck) has a lot of information you can find here.

Don’t have an eReader, but want to try one out? Thinking about purchasing one for yourself, a friend, or family member? The Eckhart Public Library has digital devices you can check out. Ask a staff member for more information about the different devices available for check-out and about what’s on the different devices.

Have an eBook or eReader story you’d like to share? Do so in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

Heather: My own eBook stories are at least a little weird. I’m one of the many who carries both physical books and eBooks (when I can) so I’ve had times where a downloaded book has come in handy like when the vehicle I used to drive died on me one Summer so I was stranded with nothing but my reading and I finished my physical book so yay eBooks! And times like wanting to read really thick books, but not having enough room in my bag so a very light eBook copy helps. And when I’m trying to finish a book or when I’ve heard great things about a narrator downloadable audiobooks are wonderful. Especially when you don’t have to switch between discs!

OverDrive recently revealed a new way to listen to audiobooks that requires little effort of the user outside of trying to figure out which audiobook to listen to next.

OverDrive Listen is the audiobook answer to OverDrive Read. In browser listening.

When you’re logged onto your NIDL/OverDrive account you can see what items you have checked out. It’s as easy as clicking on the icon named “Account” at the top of the page.

You can see in the image below there’s a button to download the audiobook, which can take some time. There’s also a button for Listen.Capture

When you click the button for Listen your browser opens a new tab with the audiobook so you can start listening right away. Just click the play button!   3

If you’re like me, you want to find out all the little details about how to use the new format. In the upper left corner of the item there’s three little bars (menu bars). If you click them you’re given some options. Tips & Secrets has a lot of great information in there. Going through that before anything else really helped me get a feel for Listen.   4

If you’re used to the app for devices like smartphones and tablets it looks like there’s not a way to change the speed that the narrator reads, but if you click on the option that reads Audio Settings the menu below reveals that it is possible, just not on the front of the screen. You can also play with the volume if you don’t want to play with your computer volume.5

OverDrive has been great in their advancements about helping patrons keep their place in a book among multiple devices. If you’ve read listened to your audiobook on another computer or device when you open the book up you should see a message similar to the one below. If you click OK, your book will sync to the last page you read. If you click Cancel the book will start at the beginning. If you hit cancel on accident don’t worry. It’s easy to skip forward in OverDrive’s new Listen format.2

Two things to keep in mind when using OverDrive’s new Listen format.

1. If you’re using a mobile device with data, Listen does eat into the data as it is a streaming service.

2. If you’re using a device where you don’t have Wi-Fi and the device doesn’t have data (for instance, most laptops), Listen will not work because this is a streaming feature.

Still have questions about OverDrive Listen or the library’s downloadable material? Contact us. We offer free one-on-one Technology Tutoring.

OverDrive has has some great help links for getting started and for more detail on how to use OverDrive Listen.

Heather: While OverDrive Listen hasn’t been out that long I’m already thrilled with it. As someone who listens to background noise while cleaning being able to play through my Wi-Fi connection instead of downloading the item is wonderful and I still have the OverDrive app if I want to leave Wi-Fi areas. I think Listen is going to be a great thing for audiobook patrons who have been using a computer while entirely in Wi-Fi areas.

Our friends at OverDrive (the company where NIDL gets all the materials from) is making things a little easier for users.

Starting in November, OverDrive is going to begin phasing out the WMA format. This is the format for audiobooks that has given users the most trouble and, yes, OverDrive is working hard at making sure that as many titles as possible that are currently only available in WMA format will be available in MP3 format which is compatible on more devices than WMA.

By March of 2015 there will be no WMA format left. If there is something that is not available in MP3 OverDrive has stated they will let libraries with affected items know.

If you’re like me and worry you’ll forget the OverDrive help articles will be updated with information as things progress so we’re not going to be left wondering what happened.

Don’t forget, the library does have Technology Tutoring at no cost to you if you want a refresher. Simply contact the library.

On Thursday, September 18th, the wonderful folks at OverDrive are participating in Read an eBook Day!

How is OverDrive participating? Via Facebook and Twitter OverDrive is giving away devices and tablets every hour to readers who share their story using the hashtag #eBookDay.

Who is OverDrive? OverDrive is the company NIDL (Northeast Indiana Digital Library, the consortium the Eckhart Public Library is a part of) purchases our downloadable content from. I’ve spoken with multiple members of their staff and whenever we’ve had questions, problems, or any cause for needing their help everyone at OverDrive has been quick to respond with multiple suggestions and has done a fantastic job making sure libraries have the tools we need to help our readers.

Used with Creative Commons License, credit to Cloned Milkmen via Flickr.

Used with Creative Commons License, credit to Cloned Milkmen via Flickr.

Want to share, but don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter to do so? Visit www.readanebookday.com to add your story.

Don’t forget! If you ever have questions about our eBooks and eAudios ask a staff member. We also have one-on-one technology help (Technology Tutoring) at no cost.


Heather: It’s no secret I love the digital content from NIDL. For me, it’s easy to download a book to read or listen to and the downloadable site is always available, so I don’t have to worry about making it in on time to the physical branch. If I know I’m going to be gone for a while and I know or think I might not have internet access I’ll download a few books so I know I have something to read. (Though I always have at least one physical book for low battery times!)

If you’ve seen the library’s digital collection you may have seen these new buttons mentioning the Kids and Teens eReading Room.

kids and teens

The eReading Rooms are  quick ways to separate Children’s and Teen items from the rest of the collection.

If you’re searching in one collection,  you will only get results for that collection. For example, if you search Mike Mullin (an author of Teen books) while in the Kids Collection you’re not going to find his work, but if you search for his books in the Teen Collection you will find all three of the books for his Ashfall series. The Main Collection has everything so you’ll still see his books when you search in the main collection.

The Kids Collection and Teen Collection pages look different from the Main Collection and from each other.  If you want to return to the Main Collection, just click the little button sitting on the NIDL logo that looks like a house and says Main Collection.

If you have any questions or you run into a problem contact the library. The sooner we know, the sooner we can start working towards a solution.




From June 3rd to June 18th, EPL patrons will be able to participate in Big Library Read! During Big Library Read, there will be unlimited, simultaneous access to Laurien Berenson’s A Pedigree to Die For.  No holds, no waiting!

To participate in Big Library Read, just visit our virtual branch of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks anytime between June 3rd and June 18th, sign in with your library card number and PIN, and download A Pedigree to Die For to your device. Anything you read or listen to from our virtual branch can also count towards Summer Reading Club!

This eBook can be read on an eReader, Tablet, smartphone, or computer. Need help getting started? Try this guide or contact us!


OverDrive, the company we get our digital books from, has looked at a research study of how few people know their library has eBooks and has posed a challenge to help promote digital literacy.

During the month of June our goal is to increase the number of items we checked out through NIDL (Northeast Indiana Digital Library) at least 25% more than our best month on record.

We accept that challenge, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Each library in our NIDL consortium is aiming to meet their own goal overall and the goal for Eckhart Public Library is to get 911 items checked out.

Between the number of items you can have checked out being raised to 6 at a time and digital items still counting for the Summer Reading Club here at the library I know we can meet this goal.

Want to try the downloadable items but not sure where to start? The help section on our digital page has some great information and the Eckhart Public Library has free Technology Tutoring. Contact us to find out more about Technology Tutoring or with any general questions about our downloadable items.

Did you know the Eckhart Public Library has a whole digital collection?


EPL is one of the libraries in a consortium called NIDL (Northeast Indiana Digital Library).

If you have a device that uses applications (like iPads and Google tablets) check your app store for the OverDrive Media Console. Kindle users do not need the OverDrive Media Console.


Why borrow digital books from the library?:

  • Faster to read (eBook specific, though you can change the reading speed on audiobooks)
  • Lighter (carry six books on one device)
  • No late fees because items are returned automatically (no worrying about venturing out in the rain to return these books)
  • No light needed (if the device you’re using has one built-in)
  • Around the clock access (no worrying if the building is closed)
  • Multiple ways to download
  • Library eBooks count for the Summer Reading Club
  • Never lose your place! You can sync what you’re reading across multiple devices.
  • Thousands of books to choose from in multiple formats!

I love eBooks because they’re lighter and I found it’s faster for me to read one. The eBooks also got me more involved in audiobooks because instead of switching out a CD or cassette I just download the whole thing and I’m good to go!

You can have up to six books on your account at a time and you can also have up to that many on hold. The default lending period can be changed to 1, 2, or 3 weeks (if you would like help with finding your settings and loan periods ask a staff member).

limit 6

There are a lot of great things about eBooks. What’s your favorite?