This time, rather than highlighting some books, I’m just highlighting the author in general. Mr. King has too many books to choose from. Not that other authors don’t, I just can’t choose.


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Stephen King is best known for his works of horror and psychological thriller/horror. With works such as Cujo, a story about a dog that gets rabies, Under the Dome, a story about a town that gets trapped under a giant dome without prior knowledge that it was going to happen, and It, a story that makes readers rethink what fear really is and how we face our fears (that led the way for the movie that gives us all reason to fear clowns), when you hear the name Stephen King you think horror.

In the mood for a little scare this summer? Check out one of his books from our NIDL collection or stop by the library and pick one up. They’re almost sure to terrify you.

Heather: I didn’t start reading King myself until after a friend let me borrow her copy of On Writing, King’s memoir and book about writing. Before that I’d watched the movie for his book It, but that was about it. Once I read his memoir I wanted to read his work. I think Cujo was my first official King read. I recommend the book, but while I recommend the movie if you really want to watch it, I highly recommend reading the book long before you watch the movie. And if you have a dog, keep an eye on him or her while watching. Mine sat on the couch and watched with me. Only slightly creepy.


Ashley Bell is the newest book by Dean Koontz. Meet Bibi Blair. 22, fierce, writer, one year to live.

One day Bibi calls her mother because something is wrong. She describes it as the feeling of 50+ cell phones strapped to you and all of them vibrating. It’s a numbness that won’t go away. They rush to the hospital where Bibi goes through testing to find out that she’s got brain cancer. The doctor gives the grim estimation of time left with the living and they find out the short time span includes the help of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. This is not a normal cancer that’s a balled up tumor, it’s all over her brain.

One night in the hospital Bibi is visited by a man and his dog. The next day she’s feeling like her normal self, if not better. She knows the cancer is gone. Doctors start running the tests all over again and, sure enough, there’s no trace of the cancer that was spider-webbed all over Bibi’s brain.

Bibi believes there’s a reason she’s been cured. After some research she believes it’s to help Ashley Bell stay alive. But who is Ashley Bell?

Heather: I picked this book up not that long ago and I’ve been devouring it. The book itself might be a little thick, but the chapters are really small, formed up of only a couple of pages on average. The pacing is good and the timeline jumps a little to show the current happenings and some of what happened in the past. This is my first read by Koontz and I’m likely going to read more.


Ever feel like you’re going crazy? Think Robert Downey Jr. would be a great therapist? You might be surprised!

In Gothika Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) works in a psychiatric ward and life is as normal as it can be. Co-worker and friend Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr.) is charming and flirtatious (despite Miranda being married to their boss, Doug played by Charles Dutton), her marriage is good, her patients are doing about as well as one could expect, and suddenly she finds that she can’t remember a full night three days of events and she’s no longer a doctor, but a patient.

Stop. Rewind. The last set of events that Miranda can remember start on a stormy day. Her patient Chloe Sava (Penelope Cruz), is having nightmares again. This time more vivid and different from the experience she had when she was raped. Miranda tries to calm her down, but to no avail. After she sees Chloe, Miranda goes to her office to work on Chloe’s file, but the computer starts acting up when there’s a blip in the power due to the storm so she saves what she has and will continue the next day and goes to the pool to get some exercise in. She completes 55 laps, a personal best, and gets her keys from the security guard Joe (Michel Perron) and heads out the door. Pete catches up to her and frightens her while she puts her coat on and he shares his umbrella with her while he walks her to her car and they talk about his most recent date. On her way home the road is blocked by police cars due to a sinkhole. Sheriff Ryan (John Carroll Lynch) tells Miranda she can get around it by going across a bridge he sometimes fishes at with her husband, Doug and to tell Doug he says hi.

She calls Doug and while she goes across the bridge her phone cuts out and hangs up. She puts it down and when she looks back up she sees a woman standing in the middle of the road. Miranda puts her car in the ditch and gets out to help the woman, finding three deep slashes on her chest and offers to take her to the hospital, stating that she’s a doctor.

Miranda remembers up to walking out with Pete, but when he’s talking with her as her doctor she tells him nothing about the crash or the woman and mentions that she went home to her husband. Then she remembers the woman and everything is fuzzy to the point that she’s not sure what’s real and what’s not. Pete tells her that her husband is dead and she’s the one who killed him.

From that point on the movie takes deep psychological twists including suicide attempts, possessions, murder, and more. Miranda has to fight the entire time to get someone to even think she might have some sanity left. I had a feeling I knew who committed what crime, but there’s enough suspense in the movie that those who don’t look for the answer can enjoy and those who do look for the answer will still have some surprise. This movie has some great jump scares.

If you do not like mentions of suicide, cutting, blood, or rape this might not be the type of movie you’re looking for, but talk to a staff member at the library and we will be more than happy to help you find a movie to fit your tastes.

Heather: This is a movie I’d been wanting to watch for a while and I’m really glad I finally got around to it. I don’t usually try to figure out who did what, but this was one I really got into and if you like horror movies or thrillers I recommend this movie.