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Garrett Weekly Clipper

A few months ago, we took a look at what was happening in DeKalb County on June 9, 1887, according to the Waterloo Press. Today we’ll be reading some more local news from the past—this time from the August 4, 1910 issue of the Garrett Weekly Clipper. New Courthouse - Copy

In August of 1910, the DeKalb County commissioners were busy preparing for the construction of a new county courthouse. The then-current courthouse building was still standing at the time, but before it could be razed, temporary quarters needed to be found to house the county offices and records. The commissioners estimated $1,200 would be sufficient for renting quarters, in addition to the $250,000 needed to construct the new building.

Rabies 3

1 of 3 short articles on rabies in this issue

In other news, rabies was reported to be on the rise. According to Dr. Henry Slack in The Journal-Record of Medicine, “The average [number of cases of rabies in the USA] for the first four years of this decade was 595, while for the last two years it is 1,875, or an increase of over 837 percent, in less than ten years.” To combat the disease, Slack recommended muzzling dogs and establishing a six-month quarantine.

In Garrett, this was a strictly enforced rule: “All dogs must be muzzled as of August 1 or will be shot on the spot, according to the order of the board of health.”Baseball League

In entertainment news, the Ringling Bros. circus had recently been in town, delaying a local band concert. The band members, however, would be playing at a “Sunday school picnic” near Avilla that upcoming Saturday.

In sports, a new northeastern Indiana baseball league had recently been proposed, and it was hoped that they would play six or eight games during the remainder of the season, “if the plans of the Garrett players and fans are carried out.” A committee was created and asked to get in touch with the “promoters of the league in Auburn, Kendallville, Lagrange and Ligonier, and the Fort Wayne Shamrocks.”

Local players and fans were “certain a league will be well supported and believe the players will put up a classy ball.”

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